Sunday, October 11, 2009

My Twitter!!!!


I forgot to tell you guys. I moved my blog to Twitter! It's easier and simpler than any other blog. Good for me to keep blogging!
So, follow meeeee!!!

And this is my new Japanese blog....

I started my blog at ELLE girl!! It's in Japanese, but you guys can check the pics too:)

See ya there!!!!


Monday, June 29, 2009

I Started DJing with My Girls!!

I started to dj recently!! It's called "Boy Allergy" with my 3 girls, Eiko, Julie, Kon-chan.

Kon-chan is in the states now, so now 3 of us doing dj in Tokyo.
It's so fun!!

We start hosting a party every tuesday at New LEX in Roppongi!!!
It's called "Boy Allergy Night"

This is the hottest party in Tokyo, so if you ever come to Tokyo, you gotta come to our party!!!!

We'll dj 4 night straight this week!! Awwwww

Hope to see ya soon at my party "Boy Allergy Night"!!


Monday, May 18, 2009

In L.A!!

Hey guys,

I haven't told you this, but Im acually back to L.A....yay!!
I have been here for the show and meetings and networking.
And I totally realized that I LOVE this city, maybe better than Tokyo.

Awww, I have to go back this week for the promotion in Japan for my LP release on 1st July,
but I don't wanna go baaaack!!!

I need this sun and ocean. Beautiful and so laid back....awesome!

And, I got a very good feeling about doing my thing here in the states.

I think if you know what you wanna do and what you can do, and if you do what you gotta do,
people will come to you. It's about time. But, you can't miss the timing.

I think that's the rule!!

Luv ya!!


Monday, March 30, 2009

One more pic from the fashion show.

Hey, I just can attach only one pic from, here u go!
That was pretty cool brand from Japan.


Tokyo Fashion Week!!

Hey! It was Tokyo Fashion week last week. We had bunch of parties, so I'm a bit tired. So, will have no more parties this week. I have to write new songs!
And I'm in the process for my new video now. I got a really cool crew, so it should be lot of fun!:)

The pic is from the fashion show. It was fun!


Saturday, February 28, 2009

My Favorite Snack☆

I'm in the car n on the way to Nagoya for my show! Yay♪ N I just had my favorite Japanese Snack"tamago boro". It's old snack that is my favorite since i was a kid. Its like sort of babe snack with eggs n milk. Taste like cookies. So good!
Try some when u r in Japan!


Monday, February 23, 2009


Dance like nobody is watching
Love like you have never been hurt before
Sing like one one ca hear you
Live like heaven is on earth

Yeah, that sounds like a plan! ;)

Keep rocking in your free world. Go us! Go teaaaaam!!!

By the way, I found this new minnie mouse! She looks funny!
This one is made by some designer and these kinda new disney dolls were at the disney store.
My sister had it, so i took a pic!